The all-new SmartReader is designed to move as fast as you want, collecting only the information you require. The demo below shows you how fast a drug screen can be performed with the Quick Screen and how easy it is to collect information with Smart Screen.

Quick Screen - a fast on-screen result in seconds.

If you want to use your SmartReader as a lighting fast, just give me the result now digital reader then the Quick Screen mode is what you want.

Place any pre-run Smart Test Kit on the stand and press the "Quick Screen" icon for a fast, clear test result.

Smart Screen - a fully documented, electronic chain-of-custody, legally defensible rapid drug screen.

If you want to run a first-class drug testing program, then the Smart Screens mode is for you. With the digital ID scanner, donor database, customizable tests, and automated reporting, you will be able to collect all the information required with 'virtually' no data manual entry.